Here at Classic RV Repair & Restorations, LLC. we have the knowledge and skills to repair or restore your vintage Airstream to its original glory. George Hernandez, owner and master technician has been working on Airstreams for more than 30 years. He has the highest level of expertise on all of the systems on your new or vintage Airstream. He is one of the few technicians in the country who has the skills and ability to perform aluminum body repair on Airstreams. He is also extremely well versed with all of the other systems on your trailer including electrical, plumbing, interior repair, fabrication and installation of solar panels and controls. Don’t trust your priceless vintage Airstream repairs to anyone else!

Feel free to contact George here at CLASSIC RV for advice or to make an appointment.
He is always ready to help you bring your Airstream, any brand RV and trailer, utility trailer or horse trailer back to their original condition.